Important Aspects

Low Maintenance

Aside from an occasional washing, these fences require no upkeep—that means no scraping, painting or staining.

Modern Style

Once you install the fence, it’ll last for decades. And you’ll have plenty of colors, styles and designs to choose from.

High Quality

All PVC is not the same. Our brand of vinyl fence offers performance features that far surpass our competetor's products.

Increased Privacy

Our vinyl fencing is installed uniform, consistent, and reliable to offer a high level of privacy and security.

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We are a professional fencing company, ready to tackle anything from complex, large, and scale fencing jobs to minor repairs. Dealing with all those pesky tasks can become pretty stressful, to say the least, but our team is here to take that load off your shoulders. Fueled by our commitment to excellence, we will go the extra mile to ensure our customers get their dream fence. Get in touch with us today for a free quote. Call 306-530-1550!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Is The Fence Secured In The Ground?

Our fence is built over a large 2 3/8" diameter pipe which is galvanized to prevent rusting. Then it's pounded 4 feet into the ground. Two collars are mounted over the pipe which gives us the capability to make the fence perfectly straight, and any distance away from the ground depending on your preference.

The Advantages Of Choosing PVC/Vinyl?

The benefits of PVC/Vinyl fence is that it will never rot or start to deteriorate, and can easily be cleaned and maintained. The best part is when you purchase our product you will never have to paint or stain a fence again.

Will My Fence Sag Over Time?

Our product comes with a built-in heavy-duty metal U-channel within the bottom rail to ensure it doesn't start sagging.

What Experience Do We Have?

We have installed thousands of feet of fence which allows us to be not only efficient but also to get the job done right.

What Is Our Product Made From?

PVC/Vinyl fence is mainly composed of crude oil, natural gas, and salt.

Will Vinyl Fence Fade?

Under regular use, no. A periodic wash from time to time will help keep your fence in pristine condition.

Will My PVC/Vinyl Fence Hold Up Against Wind?

If the fence is put up to our companies standards, the fence will hold up to normal wind loads.

PVC/Vinyl Fence Cost Compared To Wood?

Overall the prices between wood and PVC/Vinyl fence are similar, if you take into account the restaining or painting of a wood fence, and eventually full replacement. PVC/Vinyl fencing can last for a much longer time.